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December 19, 2019

The Easiest Toddler Christmas Tree

'Tis the season for little hand to want to touch your Christmas tree! And, hey, I'm all for exploration of beautiful and real objects for children. Therefore, we let even our toddlers help to decorate our real tree. But, once that is over, the tree is only for exploring with our eyes (and noses!) We don't decorate and redecorate it but use it as an opportunity to practice patience, waiting and self control. 

This is no easy task for a younger child! Over the last couple years, it has been easier at our house with a toddler tree! I'm sure you have seen tons of versions of toddler trees on the internet, but this idea works so well here that I had to share. 

It's simple to set up! Just a small tree (you choose the size you want for the space) and a basket of pom-poms! We use a 24" prelighted tree and large poms for ours but really it can work at any scale. The poms stick to the branches so even the youngest toddler can put them on, and they can be removed super easily. 

In the past we have tried to use small ornaments, and they worked alright, but this really has been a kid favorite because it is so independent. He doesn't need any help getting these on or off. So whenever Gus feels like he needs to organize a tree, he can go for it easily and on his own! 

Do you use a children's tree? Or do your children arrange your tree?

The easiest toddler safe Christmas tree ever - a simple DIY


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