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November 27, 2019

Introducing a Toy - Montessori Baby Week 10

Over the 10 days or so Theodore has really started interacting with the world in a whole new way. He has been much more alert and active during his awake times, but more importantly he is discovering his hands in a new way. Suddenly, he is intentionally grabbing things around him and on occasion even bringing them to his mouth.

This is such a fun phase for me! This is a time when we can introduce some simple materials for him to explore in new ways.

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

For Teddy we have a few options that we could have started with but I decided to try this simple crochet ring rattle from Monti Kids and it’s been a big hit.

There are lots of similar options available online including: Crochet with ring | ring with bells. I’ve personally really liked this style of rattle to start with because it’s so lightweight that Teddy can easily move it around. Also since his movements are jerky, he tends to hit himself in the face as he is trying to bring the rattle to his mouth. The soft rattle doesn’t hurt him when this happens. Plus, it just makes the sweetest little sound that is really appealing to him.

Some signs that Teddy was ready for a new material included:
  • Opening and closing his hands more intentionally
  • Watching/discovering his hands with his eyes
  • Grabbing on to my clothes and skin while being held
  • Bringing his hands to his mouth while he was calm

Once I saw these signs, I decided to introduce the rattle by simply showing it to Teddy. When he was calm, I took it out and shook it in front of him and asked if he would like to play with it. Then, I moved the rattle close to his hand and waited for him to grab it. The first few times he wasn’t very successful but he has gotten the hang of it. I never force his hand open or place the toy in his grasp. If he doesn’t grab it, I simply lay it by him on the floor. A few times he has been happy to tap his hand or foot on top of the rattle to hear its noise.

He’s not at the point of grabbing it from the floor, but I know that will come!

What’s the first toy you have introduced to you newborn?

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