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November 15, 2019

Gifts for Montessori Parents - A Peek at MY Gift List

Around this time of year there is always so much talk about what kids would love for holiday gifts but not as much talk about parents. So when my mom asked what I had on my Christmas list, I was a bit stumped. But, I gave it some thought and came up with a few ideas. 

Gift ideas for Montessori parents
This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Home Accessories: The little details make a Montessori home and so often the things that are appealing to us as adults are still appealing to our children. A few examples that I personally love include:

  • New Plants - I'll always take a new plant baby! 
  • Letter Board - I love the round letter board
  • Candle - these candles are amazing and I love them and want all of them! 
  • Calendar  - I have this calendar but want some more of the holiday coins, everything about it is gorgeous

Clothing: Here's one thing I hate buying for myself, but there are some seriously cute Montessori options out there!

Self Care: This is something we can all use a little more of!

Practical: I love a good practical gift for my life! Anything that makes my life easier or more organized is amazing, here are some practical gifts I would love:

What's on you wish list? 

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Lori Oster
Lori Oster said…
Soooo many great items! Thank you so much for featuring my Indoor Shoes/Outdoor Shoes tee! It's my favorite of all my Montessori merch!!

Top of my wish list is ***time to read some really great books*** over winter break. We shall see if that wish comes true!
Mandy Perna
Mandy Perna said…
I love both of the books you recommended, Nicole. If you get them we could start a book club at school!
Jeffry Hahn
Jeffry Hahn said…
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