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Top 5 Montessori Gifts for Every Age Group

There are so many amazing Montessori and Montessori friendly materials available for children. But, it can be kind of hard to narrow which will work for your family and will be worth the money in the long term. It can also just be overwhelming to look at ALL the choices. So, I decided it would be a fun game to play with myself to narrow it down to MY top 5 Montessori gifts for every age group through lower elementary. 

I decided these based on: 

  • my own kids' reactions to these materials
  • the flexibility and longevity of the material
  • Montessori-friendly-ness - a word I just totally made up, but basically, how well does it fit with Montessori. 
This was not the easiest of tasks! And, if you're looking for more choice, don't miss my Ultimate Montessori Gift Guide, which is being updated for 2019! 

Top 5 Montessori gifts for children from birth to age 9 - gift ideas for every age and budget

Babies {Birth to 12 months} 

Babies are a real challenge because there is so much growth and change over the course of just one year, but here are my top 5:

Object Permanence Box - all of my children have loved this, as have children that I have had in my home. Great introduction to Montessori for 6-10 month olds. 

Interlocking Metal Rings (second bell rattle) - so this is a bit of a cheat because I can't find a source for my favorite interlocking rings right now, but a bell rattle is a close second for a 3-6+ month baby.

Walker Wagon - great for pulling up, great for early walking, great for hauling and will last well beyond baby hood! 

Sensory Balls - all of my kids have loved a nice set of balls for a long time. 

Glitter Drum {similar} - this is just so captivating! Works for non sitting and sitting babies. 


#1 Stocking Stuffer - Baby Paper
#1 Book - Smile!

Toddlers {12 months to 36 months} 

There are so many amazing toddler toys that this list could really look so different for everyone! Here are my top 5 today! 

TAG Toys Ball Tracker - this is so amazing and because of its size even older toddlers are super drawn to it. 

HABA Pallet of Pegs - I love this work because while it has a directed purpose, it also can be modified for a lot of different uses (pegging, color matching, building) and it just lasts a long time. 

Pop Up Toy - another toy that my kids have loved so much that it had to make the list

Schleich Animals - perfect for language exploration, pretend play, matching work, so many things. Plus another that will last for many many years. 

Ravensburger First Frame Puzzle - this is a newer puzzle to my collection but it makes the list because it has been so captivating for so many toddlers. So many people have told me how much their kids like this. It's a great step into more advanced puzzles. 

Top 5 Montessori gifts for children from birth to age 9 - gift ideas for every age and budget


#1 Stocking Stuffer - Wavy Chopper 
#1 Book - In the Town All Year Round

Children's House/Preschool {3 years to 6 years}

Barn - this is one of the most played with things in my house. There are so many options for language work, pretend play, fine motor, you name it. I love this one and so do my kids. 

Moveable Alphabet - this is one of the only traditional Montessori materials I really think is worth it at home even if your child is in a Montessori school. The language possibilities, the creative expression, so much fun to watch and so important for children. 

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles {24p | 35p | 60p | 100p} - this is a little bit of a cheat because I linked more than one, but that's only because children will be at different puzzle stages depending on their interest and experience. But this brand has great quality pieces and Montessori friendly pictures, so win/win! 

Tiny Polka Dot Game - I love this little math game, kids this age love to play games and this can be used cooperatively or competitively. It can also be used for so many math concepts that it lasts a long time! 

Oaki Rain Suit - nothing beats nature, and this suit let's kids get outside in all types of weather. It has been the most amazing addition for us and getting my kids outside all year. 


#1 Stocking Stuffer - Watercolor Set
#1 Book - James Herriot's Treasury for Children

Lower Elementary {6 years to 9 years}

This age group has so many diverse interests that it's hard to put together a list that will be all encompassing for everyone. But here are my top 5 for now:

Lego - a perpetual favorite that lasts so long

Microscope - kids this age are so into research and discovery that this is a great tool 

Camera - another great tool for discovery and social interaction, bot of which call to children of this age

Top 5 Montessori gifts for children from birth to age 9 - gift ideas for every age and budget
Rolls of Paper - this age is all about big projects and creation, and paper always finds the most interesting uses!

Washi Tape - again so many creative uses fir big projects that washi tape has been a huge hit here.


#1 Stocking Stuffer - Pocket Knife
#1 Book - Natural History: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth

Multiple Age Gifts 

I also wanted to include some materials to this list that work for multiple age groups! Here are my top 5:

Way To Play Roads - these are so fantastic because children can be so creative with them! Plus the can really go anywhere!

Magnatiles - my kids could build with these all day!

Play Silks - such a great toy for children of all ages, my kids can be so creative with these.

Grimms Pyramid - this toy gets so much love in my house, and despite the higher price tag it still makes my list because it gets so much use.

Beeswax Crayons - these are such a great quality and my kids create so many wonderful things with them. These haven't broken and ended up in a million bits which I also appreciate!

Top 5 Montessori gifts for children from birth to age 9 - gift ideas for every age and budget

What would make your top 5? 

This post is brought to you as part of the 12 Months to Montessori series, check out these other great Montessori gift guide posts: 

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This is an awesome hands-on learning gift guide!
M. said…
I love it when you do these gift guides and sort them by age. Super helpful ideas for my kid, plus for nieces and nephews who I don't know very well. Thank you!

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