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October 16, 2019

Some Montessori Inspiration on Instagram

I'm doing a lot of late night nursing lately which means a lot of time on Instagram! And, that's not a bad thing -- there is a lot of amazing Montessori inspiration to be found on there! Here are a few things that have really inspired me lately.

Current Montessori Inspiration on Instagram

I am in LOVE with this simple entry way:

I need this Autumn table decoration:

This simple DIY is genius for a young toddler:

The light in this classroom is gorgeous:

This beautiful leaf matching game:

This explanation of the differences between the first and second plane is such a great reference:

What lovely sewing work, I love how organized it is:

Such a simple DIY, Gus would love this:

I hope you find these as inspiring as I do! What is inspiring you lately? 


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