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October 10, 2019

Labeling Games - Two Ways

Let's talk about writing! I seem to have three kids at very different stages of the writing process. But, today, I want to focus on Nora. At five-years-old, she is all about writing these days. She has made the connection that writing is a form of communication and a fast way to spread your message to a lot of people. And, she is here for it!

I would consider Nora's actual writing to be emergent still. So to support her work in Montessori Children's House, I've made a simple tray for her and we've been playing a couple of fun games to support her new interest in reading and writing. The tray itself just includes some blank strips of paper and a small black color pencil. Then, we've been using this tray to play two different labeling games. 

Game 1 - Read and Find 

In this game, I'm actually the one doing the writing. I find that it's super helpful for her to watch me write. Modeling always goes a long way with children. Plus, she gets to work on her other new skill - reading. 

So, to play. I write a word of something in the environment. (This could also be played with a small selection of language objects at a table.) Then, Nora has to read the label, run around the room and find it as quickly as possible. She then brings it to our work area. It's a great combination of learning and movement and she LOVES it. 

Game 2 - Write and Label

This game is sort of the inverse of game 1. Here she is writing the labels and someone else is placing them around the room. This time the objects stay where they are and the labels are placed with them. In this game, I typically read what she has written. This boosts her confidence and her excitement for writing. 

Then, I either go place the label, or I might give it to Gus to go find the object. This game is also one that Nora can play alone by just creating a labeling objects. Frequently, I'll walk into her room and all the items on her shelf will have a nice label next to it. 

In this game, I'm absolutely not worried about spelling or even if she is forming the letters correctly. These are things that will self-correct over time as she continues to write both with pen and paper, and by using other Montessori materials. 

If you have a new writer, try these games! They are a fun way to make writing practical and engaging.

Have you played any fun writing games?

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