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Some Favorites at 25 Months - Toys

At 25 months old, Gus has a lot of different interests. Toys are just one of them. He will sit and work with his materials for bits throughout the day. But, I would say he still spends the bulk of his day engaged in practical pursuits - doing things like helping me prepare meals, cleaning up dishes, sweeping, or folding laundry. Gus, also spends a lot of time engaged in art materials. I'll highlight his favorite art and practical life work soon, but today, I'll focus on toys. 

Montessori friendly toy favorites at 25 months - Montessori toddler toy choices

I don't honestly have that many toys out for Gus at one time, I've found the more I put out the move he ignores his shelves. So, a few of his favorites that I rotate is all I've found necessary. Here's a closer look.

Language Materials 

Now, I'm specifically calling these language materials, although everything on his shelves is used for language development. Gus is at the height of the sensitive period for language. He is so super interested in acquiring language and using it. So, in reality, it's impossible to separate language from anything else he is doing.

Classification Cards (bottom, left shelf) - these are his favorite right now. We use a 3-part-lesson with them. Or sometimes he and Nora will actually play games with them (she loves to present to him). Plus Gus loves sports/balls so this is a great one for his individual interests. '

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Small Knobbed Vehicle Puzzles (top, right, with the basket) - Gus has had this on and off his shelves for awhile, but this time the pegging is easy for him. What he loves is to hear and say all the names of the trucks, which is really stretching my own knowledge of construction vehicles! 

Other language work includes:

2-piece jigsaw puzzles of vehicles (bottom, left) - these he likes, but is starting to get bored of them. I should try a slightly more challenging puzzle with him. 

Model Cars (another shelf) - these are also used a bit by Gus, but often just to line up 

Logical and Fine Motor

Besides language, logical and fine motor work is Gus' jam. He has always loved to tinker, peg, and put things together, so 3-D puzzles, and similar materials have always been popular with him. He loves to figure out how things work and master that movement. 

Peek-a-Boo Locking Boxes (bottom, right) - These boxes are great although a little busy! Gus couldn't care less about the shape sorting component (too easy for him now) but he LOVES the locks and latches. Plus, it's offered an unexpected glimpse into color sorting. I think he would enjoy some work focused on colors soon. This is by far his favorite work he has available right now, 

Other logical and fine motor work includes:

Lock and Key work (middle, right, in the basket) - this is back after a break, this is also very popular with him 

Monti-Kids Size Pegging Work (middle, right, box with green pegs) - use code NICOLE for $30 off. He likes this one too, especially how the pieces fall down.

Nesting and sorting cylinders (top, right, with the colorful cups) - he has used some, but not as much as I expected

Visual Tracking 

Gus also loves to watch things tumble down. For a long time it was his ball track, but recently I've put that in storage in favor of his new car track 

Plan Toys Car Track (top, left) - Gus LOVES this. He thinks is so funny to watch the cars tumble down, plus it actually provides some great fine motor work to get the cars just right on the track. 


I have included a few musical items on his shelves but they remain largely ignored, to be honest. Nora occasionally uses them so I keep them on the shelves, but Gus really isn't into them. They include,

Tin Music Box (top of shelf) - Gus loved this when he was younger, but shows no interest now 

Bell Chimes (another shelf) - This is the one Nora loves, but Gus pretty much ignores. It is newer to the shelves so I'll give it sometime before removing it. 

And, that's it. Soon, I'll share a look at the art materials that Gus loves these days!

Montessori friendly toy favorites at 25 months - Montessori toddler toy choices

What is your new 2-year-old interested in? Any of these popular in your home? 


Becky said…
Thank you for sharing the lock and key idea! My almost 2 year old is fixated on keys right now, and this was an instant hit! He is also loving art at the moment, so I can't wait to see what Gus is doing in this area.

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