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Our Montessori Friendly Christmas List 2018

With the holidays right around the corner, I always get lots of questions about what is on my kid's actual Christmas lists. While you can find lots of Montessori friendly toy ideas here, this list is specifically curated to the things that I think will appeal most to my kids. But, there are tons of ideas here if you are looking for your kids!

Montessori friendly gift lists for our family 2018 including joint gifts and stocking stuffers

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Now, remember, these are just the lists that I've made. My kids will NOT get all of this for Christmas. Depending on sales and availability, I will pick a few things for each of them, plus a couple of joint gifts. The lists have also been passed on to Grandparents/etc who request ideas for the kids. 


Henry will be 8 in March! His ideas reflect his current interests. They are still hands on, and interactive, but for the first time ever technology has been included on our list. I've highlighted the ones I'm leaning towards buying. 

Montessori friendly gift lists for our family 2018 including joint gifts and stocking stuffers

Illustrated Grimms Fairy Tales - Henry loves these books and this would be a great one to add to our collection

Echo Dot - he would love to listen to podcasts and music with this

Human Body Science Cards - these look so fun
Wooden Mastermind Game - He would love this classic game, and I love the wood version
Human Body Model
Snap Circuits Light Show
Truly Me Doll - I love that boys can play with a larger doll that isn't a baby

Rock Tumbler - Henry has been super into this after seeing a neighbors 

Birds of Minnesota CDs - this is Minnesota specific
DK Bird Book

Birder's Journal - Henry is completely obsessed with birds

Wooden Pulley


Nora is 4.5-years-old. She loves to work in the kitchen, create and pretend play. Because she attends a Montessori school you wont find classic Montessori materials on this list, but things that compliment the skills she is learning and her own interests. I've highlighted the ones I'm leaning towards. 

Montessori friendly gift lists for our family 2018 including joint gifts and stocking stuffers

Doll House - Nora is getting this, I found a used one and I think she will love it

Doll House Furniture
Spirograph Jr.

Tiny Polka Dot Math Game - she loves math and games so I think this will be perfect 

Ravensburger 60 piece puzzles
Treasury for Children's Story Book - this looks so beautiful
Clay and Tools
Elastic cord and beads for jewelry making
Stockmar Watercolors - I love buying high quality materials, they really do make a difference
Stardust Magnatiles these are a fun expansion
Wooden Cube Puzzles
Cookie Cutter Set

Toms Beetle Shoes - of course my beetle lover has to get these! 

Dot Magazine Subscription - I love this for preschoolers


Augustus is just about 2-years-old. He still loves anything that is matching or helping to build fine motor skills. He like vehicles and matching. But, honestly, he's the hardest to shop for because with 2 older siblings we just have enough for this age/stage. I've highlighted the ones I'm leaning toward. 

Montessori friendly gift lists for our family 2018 including joint gifts and stocking stuffers

WaytoPlay Highway Set (there's a store locator at the top of the site, depending on your location)

Wooden play dough stampers - I love the simple designs and wooden handle
Die cast Plane
Grimms Color Matching Cups and Friends - color matching and pegging
Wooden First Ball Run
PlanToys Peg Board - I love that this has two sized beads so it lasts longer
Tractor Layer Puzzle

Roll and Play First Game - What a fun game for movement 

Paint Jar Holders

PlanToys Car Ramp - I think this is the perfect next step from his beloved ball run 


Last year we moved away from individual gifts from Santa, and we plan to do the same this year. We keep Santa pretty low key, and won't lie to our children. For us its a fun cultural tradition, but we don't need to make it a huge deal. This year, my kids will get a bunch of books and an indoor swing! We also get a new game each Christmas Eve to play together. 
Indoor Swing - isn't this beautiful!?
Shadows in the Forest Game - this is definitely on the Waldorf side of life, but it looks super fun
I am the Seed that Grew the Tree
A Poem for Every Day of the Year


We also do a stocking from Santa with a few items. Usually we keep these mostly practical, but there will be a few small things included as well. Each stocking will include new underwear and socks, and usually some fun toiletries like bubble bath, or a bathbomb. This year each stocking will also include a playsilk, then a couple small toys. 

Montessori friendly gift lists for our family 2018 including joint gifts and stocking stuffers


Tent Lamp - for reading at night
Wooden Yo-Yo - he loves yo-yos


Go Find It Game - she would love this
Schleich Cat - to add to our collection
Yoga Pretzels Cards


Schleich Sloth Bear
Sports Language Cards - I think he's going to flip for these

Again, there is NO way my children will get anywhere close to this whole list. I will pick a couple things and that's that. So use this list as inspiration for your own lists or a jumping off point for something they might like!

What's on your child's wish list this year? 

Montessori friendly gift lists for our family 2018 including joint gifts and stocking stuffers

12 Months of Montessori

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Unknown said…
The James Herriot Treasury is wonderful. Nora would love it. We checked it out at the library a few months ago (recommended in your FB group) and we all loved it. I love that the stories are true. They are funny, sweet, and interesting. We also have the Yoga Pretzel cards and my son loves them.
ashley M A S K said…
Thank you! This list is so helpful!
Unknown said…
I love this!! You're posts are always so helpful, my little girl is just one month behind Gus, so it's always interesting to see what you are getting him. I love what you said about Santa too! My feelings exactly!
maura said…
Thank you for this list. My kids are each one year behind two of yours, so this will be perfect for next year. I’m not sure if these are exactly “Montessori-friendly,” but I highly recommend two books: “How Many?” and “Which One Doesn’t Belong?.” They are written by a math educator, who is behind the math-on-a stick at your state fair. The former is better for preschoolers but both encourage open-ended thinking about math and all about noticing things. The books are on amazon and you can get the “teacher version” in addition but I’m not sure it’s necessary for parents. There is also a website with “which one doesn’t belong” puzzles anyone can look at and try.
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