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November 16, 2018

A Current Montessori Shelfie

I've recently been playing around with the materials in our playroom. I've cut way back on the number of things available for both Nora and Gus. I really like the feel of the room with this arrangement. But, we're all still adjusting to it, and I make no promises that I won't change it again. Ha! 

So, here's a look at what's on our play shelf right now. 

A Shelfie of our Montessori play shelf.

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

On Top: variety of plants | DIY Continent Globe 

Top Shelf: Ring Slider (from MontiKids use Code NICOLE for $30 off) | Basket of Children | Size Sorter (the design is really nice, but the quality is terrible, so I won't link, I'm looking for an alternative brand of a puzzle like this) | 2-piece jigsaw puzzles (only 2 matches)

Lower Shelf: Seasons Layer Puzzle (given the price of this, I'm assuming this is no longer made, here's an alternative) | DIY Geography Work | Fruit/Veggie Matching Work | Sorting Cone (mine is the old version, the new version is linked, but also seems to be discontinued)

The longer I've looked at this, the more I see a few things I'm going to switch out for the kids. Toy rotation maybe in order, since some of this has been out since August! 

(And because I know someone will ask, the shelf is from IKEA, a Besta.) 

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