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November 02, 2018

4 Montessori Quotes to Consider this Weekend

This week I have been completely absorbed in reading a new (to me) Montessori text - Education for a New World. There's so much wisdom here. And, I just had to share. So here are a few quotes to consider over the weekend! 

For Babies/Toddlers

"At birth he frees himself from the prison, the mothers body, and achieves independence of the functions of the mother; he endowed with the urge to face and conquer the environment, but for this the environment must be attractive to him. What he feels may not inappropriately be called a love for his environment." Maria Montessori 
How am I providing the opportunities my child is naturally called to? How am I hindering him with things I've added or taken from the environment?

For Preschoolers 

"It must be remembered that in the small child of three years the inner teacher is still at work guiding him unerringly, and when we speak of the free child, we mean one following the guidance of that nature which is so powerful within him...given freedom and no interruptions by the teacher, he devotes for concentrated attention to his work...a child who is interested in what he is doing goes on and on without fatigue." Maria Montessori
There's a reason for our children's boundless energy at this age. They have such important work to do. Am I providing a space for this development? Or being the interruption?

4 Montessori quotes to consider this weekend

For the Elementary Aged Child

"Only after six years can children benefit from moral teaching, for between six and 12 years of age the conscience awakes, and the child becomes interested in problems of right and wrong." Maria Montessori
How are we making room for these big conversations in our home? Where is there room for improvement?

For Myself

"Observation of the child shows that normally he has the desire to act independently; he wants to carry things, to dress and undress alone, to feed himself, and it is not by adult suggestion that he tries to do these things. On the contrary, his urge is so strong that our efforts are usually spent in trying to restrain him; but when we do this, we are fighting nature, not the will of the child." Maria Montessori 
Am I spending energy restraining independence? Where can I give my child more freedom?

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope these things give you some interesting things to think about.

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