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June 05, 2018

Matryoshka Dolls to Love

It's not unusual for you to see a Matryoshka doll on a Montessori shelf for an infant or toddler. Small children love the surprise of opening these beautiful dolls to find another inside. For my kids, these gorgeous dolls have provided hours and hours of engaging fun. I love them because they stay popular for so long. A 10-12 month old can find just as much enjoyment out of them as Nora does at nearly 4-years-old. 

Some reasons why we love Matryoshka dolls and some Montessori friendly options!

And, what's not to love? They are made from a natural material, they are engaging, they are beautiful, and test those logic and fine motor skills. I was lucky enough to find our Matryoshka at a thrift store way back when Nora was an infant. It has been a favorite since, scarcely leaving our shelves. 

Some reasons why we love Matryoshka dolls and some Montessori friendly options!
This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

1. Small Red - This set looks similar in size to the set we have. | 2. Paint Your Own - these would be so fun to make with an older child 

3. Gold Detail - I love the detail here | 4. Large Red - a slightly larger set 

5. Large blue - Nora would love all the pieces in this one | 6. Simple Dress - I LOVE this one, its simpler than many Matryoshkas which I really love

7. Small Blue - Another simple choice but still pretty 

If you're on the hunt for a Matryoshka, also known as a nesting doll, there are tons of beautiful options available! When looking for one, from a Montessori perspective, I like those that are the same or similar on each level. This helps to isolate the quality of size in the toy instead of some other quality. I also like to pick a size that is relevant to your children, removing tiny dolls might be important for babies/toddlers who may eat the tiny one or be overwhelmed by all the dolls at once. 

Do you have a Matryoshka doll on your shelves? Do your children love it? 

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