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May 17, 2018

Easy Instagram DIYs I'm Obsessed With

You guys know how much I love Instagram, right? The Montessori community there is just amazing and there are so many brilliant ideas to use for inspiration.

8 Inspiring DIYs from Instagram

Look at these picture frames! I love this, such a simple way to explore natural elements!

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I love this spin on a classic Montessori parts of a flower puzzle!

These 3-part card printables are lovely!

Ok, so I want to make these soon! Little bean bags with different sensory experiences and naturally scented?! These are simply amazing.

These make me wish I could crochet! Look at how simple and engaging these family pictures would be for a small child!

This DIY ring slider toy is fantastic! What a great alternative to this material!

A simple DIY for young toddlers! Gus would love something like this!

Here's a fun twist on traditional Montessori math beads! Nora would love something like this!

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I just love the creativity of these ideas.

Have you tried any of these DIYs? Have any fantastic IG accounts I should be following? 


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