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April 04, 2018

Wax Stamping - New Art Tray

Both Nora and Henry have been very into creating with art supplies for sometime. While they use plenty of standard art supplies, from time to time, they both like something a little different. When I came across a wax stamping kit, I knew they would both love it! 

On our Montessori art shelves: hot wax stamping

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I love this work because it encourages patience, and exactness. Nora loves this work because its pretty and different. The colors mix together so beautifully. And it has just enough sensory input to be really engaging. Nora loves stamping the wax, then cutting out the little stamps and using them as fake money, making necklaces, or just admiring them. Sometimes she has even glued them to other art projects, its really up to her. 

Wax Melting Kit; Wax Stamp {ours came from a local store, but you can find lots online in different patterns} 

To make this work successful, I place the wax stars, the scoop, and a glass bowl into a basket on her art shelves. The candle, she needs to ask for. At this point, I need to be close as she is working with the wax. So, I give her the candle and light it. I hover pretty close. Henry gets a bit more freedom but I still want him to ask me for the candle so I'm aware it is happening. 

But, basically, it's pretty simple. Nora chooses the colors she wants, holds the scoop over the candle until it melts. Then she pours the wax and stamps it to make the seal. After a moment, the wax cools and hardens leaving the stamp. 

The little bowl serves as a place to put the scoop and the stamp in between pours so that wax doesn't get all over the table as she is working. It's also a nice fire-proof place to put a hot scoop when they are done. We haven't had any wax incidents (and hopefully that continues) but I'm looking for an oilcloth mat to put under the paper while she works just in case.

Anyway, it's been a fun and easy addition to our Montessori art shelves! And, one that I think the kids will love for awhile!

On our Montessori art shelves: hot wax stamping

Have your kids ever worked with melting wax before? Any other unusual art supplies that your children love? 


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carine said…
I love this! My 2 children have learned to light up a match so they would love this!
Unknown said…
Thank you Nicole for this wonderful idea and delightful pictures! I already ordered the materials. I would like to suggest an extension: the art of making envelopes out of a letters. The children can then seal little notes/coloring that they want to give out. There are many tutorials online for making envelopes.