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April 17, 2018

Spring Project - A Root Viewer

Although it's mid-April we have had a terrible Spring here in Minnesota. Over the weekend we got just over 19 inches of snow! Needless to say, we are all looking for a little green in our lives! So, we pulled our our root viewer and hit the garden store for some seeds! Even if our outside is still an endless sea of white, inside we have some beautiful little sprouts coming up! 

A root viewer - a perfect project for spring

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

I love root viewers, they are a fantastic way to explore how plants grow and change with children. You can see everything from the seeds, to the tiniest sprout, to the roots growing and expanding in the ground. This is our second year to use ours and the magic is not lost on Henry or Nora. We planted these together, and have been monitoring their progress. Even I love to water them because you can literally see the water trickling down to all the roots! It's an amazing process. 

This year, we're growing radish, dill, and carrots. The radish, in particular, has been super satisfying to watch since it sprouts quickly and has an extensive root and leaf system. But last year we also did onions which worked well too. Bonus, for the root plants is watching the vegetable appear which will happen over the next several weeks. 

This year, I added some small jars of left over seed to sit in a basket with our root viewer. This has given us the opportunity to look back and remember where we started and how the seeds have grown and changed. 

If you are looking for a root viewer, there are many on the market. Here are some that I think look nice! 

A root viewer - a perfect project for spring . Root viewer options for kids.

Viewer 1 (ours); Viewer 2; 3. Grow a Maze; Viewer 4;  5. Hydroponics Kit

Have you used a root viewer with your kids? 

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AME said…
My classroom had some plastic test tubes we started some seeds in with just wet paper towel. It worked great for seeing the starting growth, but I'm not sure if we watered them enough. Also, I love the idea of having some of the original seeds nearby to remember. I'll have to implement that next year!