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February 27, 2018

Montessori Kids: Gardening Ideas for Spring

I'm told that spring is right around the corner. Even here in snowy Minnesota, there are signs that spring is on the way. Each morning I hear more birds starting to chirp, the sun feels warmer, and my dogs want to go outside more - cautiously checking each time to see if the 18+ inches of snow sitting in our yard has disappeared. These subtle signs have me thinking about all the possibilities that there are outside once spring is here for us. And, I know for many of you, the time to start your outdoor gardens is now! 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

20+ Montessori Friendly Gardening Ideas for Kids

I have also been reading the book There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather which has inspired me to get outside and enjoy the weather we do have even if it's not warm and sunny. I'm making a much more concerted effort to make that a reality. So, here are some ideas for gardening this spring I have been inspired by lately: 

Force spring bulbs to grow inside
Get a small watering can for your children 
Give Square foot gardening a try
Add some musical instruments to your backyard - bonus make a windchime with your child
Plant a cut flower garden for indoor flower arranging all summer 
Plant an herb garden with your kids
Add wooden bridge for young children to explore
Use rain gear and explore your backyard/garden/neighborhood for changes during the rain
Hang a very low swing for independent toddler use

Give your child access to water in the garden - maybe through a rain barrel 
Explore different insects and birds you have observed in your garden
Add a book about plants to your collection  
Use the garden as a opportunity to explore shapes 
Add a mud kitchen or open digging area 
Raised garden boxes for kids 
Organize your child sized tools 
Add a bird feeder to your window 
Start seeds inside, create an indoor area to work 
Add a bird house to your yard 
Regrow food from kitchen leftovers 
Add open ended workbench area to your space, let your children explore 
Make a space for creating art in your garden, maybe an outdoor easel 
Use a root viewer and plant some beans/seats/root vegetables 

Hopefully you find some inspiration here! And, I hope your real spring comes faster than mine is sure to come!

Kids learn so much from being outside gardening. These easy Montessori activities will make gardening with kids fun and easy this spring.

What kinds of gardening and outdoor fun will you do this spring/summer with your kids? Anything you would add to this list? 

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Jae said…
Love the list Nicole! I specifically wanted to get a root viewer, but maybe we can do a DIY too. Thanks for sharing!