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January 23, 2018

Montessori Self-Care Essentials for Winter

We're in the thick of our long, cold, dry winter. Which for the kids means, runny noses, chapped lips, and dry skin. Mostly these are just simple inconveniences that can be solved with a little chap-stick and some lotion after baths. But, I don't know about you, but if I try to put these things on my kids on my own, it doesn't go well. I get a lot of resistance and end up not being able to successfully apply some much needed relief. 

Montessori self-care: some lotion and chap-stick on a tray is perfect for toddlers all winter long

So, I'm taking a different approach this winter - because as with all self-care tasks, it's just so much easier to get my kids involved in the process than trying to just do it myself. To do this, I've put together a small tray with some Minnesota winter essentials. It's just a small travel sized lotion and some color coded chap-stick! This way, after baths, after hand-washing, or any other time during the day, they can start to independently use the tools they need to care themselves. 

Montessori Practical Life - Self Care Ideas for Winter

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A couple things to keep in mind: 

  • Everyone gets their own chap-stick, because all the germs. We buy everyone their own color and that's the one they get to use.
  • The travel size lotion {or lotion bottles} is essential for reducing the chance for mess. With pump lotion, the lotion comes out way too easily. A squeeze bottle with limited amounts (that we can refill with our pump) makes them work for the lotion a bit, which is great for little hands, but also limits the chances that you walk into a bathroom and a child covered head-to-toe in lotion.
  • Organize it on a tray so that it is clear where the products live and where to restore them to! Use that sensitive period for order to your advantage!
  • Set clear expectations that these things stay in the bathroom. This also limits the risk that lotion is dumped, squeezed or rubbed all over the house.
  • Supervise this work for awhile with little toddlers. It's an awesome sensory experience, so it's not shocking they would want to rub lotion on all the things. Be there to give clear directions on how and when to use these products. 

Having this tray has given the kids some agency in caring for themselves and some great practical life work. While Gus isn't directly participating yet at 13-months, he gets to watch the older kids and will eventually participate. Plus, Nora and Henry also have the chance to care for him which is just so sweet to see. Either way, this {plus our nose-blowing area} has been an easy way to make it through the winter ailments this year! 

Do your kids participate in self-care activities? 

Montessori self-care: some lotion and chap-stick on a tray is perfect for toddlers all winter long

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This is so sweet! What a great idea!