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January 13, 2018

Open and Close Basket - Montessori Young Toddler Week 6

If I could sum toddlers up in a couple of words they would be exploration and movement. Everything young toddlers do includes these two words. They are constantly exploring, constantly moving and often blending the two seamlessly into a flurry of activity. As babies get older, they become interested in all of the things in their environment, and our role becomes to let them have the time and space to explore. 

Open and close treasure baskets for young toddlers.

As young toddlers, there is a sudden curiosity about what is INSIDE objects. They want to open, they want to close. They want to figure out exactly how things work and what is hiding inside. There is just an interest interest in every day objects and their functions. But, it isn't always possible to let your toddler explore every single thing you have in your environment. This is where an open/close basket can come in handy. 

An open and close treasure basket is so simple and easy to put together. Just gather a variety of regular objects that open and close. The types of objects and difficulty of the latches really just depend on your child's abilities and interest. Therefore, this is something that can be enchanting for months to come. At some point, I may even add some small objects to place inside and outside of the objects. 

Right now, our open and close basket includes a small life factory water bottle {which Gus will use this coming summer when we are out and about}, an old lotion container, a small old zipping wallet, a small craft box that opens, and a small drawstring bag. Gus is completely enchanted. He's just trying to figure out how all of these small objects work, what can fit inside, and if there is anything in there to begin with!  

Open and close treasure baskets for young toddlers.

I'm sure this will be a staple on our shelves for many months to come! 

Open and close treasure baskets for young toddlers.

Have you used an open and close basket? What did you include in it?


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