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December 26, 2017

New Montessori Inspiration from Instagram

Montessori inspiration is all around us! Here are some images and videos that have been inspiring me lately -- from my favorite place, of course, Instagram! It's just a great place to get an every day look at Montessori in action around the globe. 

Here are some new Montessori favorites lately. 

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This simple candle making tray is beautiful! Plus what a wonderful way for kids to get involved in creating something for their environment.

This video is so inspirational! I wish my kids could have this sort of indoor/outdoor freedom from such a young age.

How fun is this pom-pom work? I need to think of a way to DIY that because I think that Augustus would just love it!

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This might be my most favorite dressing frame DIY ever! It is so simple, beautiful, and inviting. I can feel myself pulled to it!

How sweet is this simple transfer work? Such a simple idea, and I'm sure an older toddler or 3-year-old would love to perfect the use of those tongs!

Potty learning has been on my mind lately! I love how simple this set up is and how accessible it would be to a new walker.

Find me on Instagram here! Who are your Montessori favorites on IG? Where do you find your Montessori inspiration? 

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