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November 06, 2017

What We're Reading -- October

Another month of fantastic reading! There are so many wonderful books for children, it's hard to go to the library and just pick a few. I seriously could bring so many books home each month, but I have to limit myself by the number that I can carry back to my car! 

Just as a reminder, these are just the library books we have been reading this month. We have many other books in our personal collection that we read frequently, as well. Here is what we where reading in October. 

Montessori friendly books that we have been reading this month!

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* contains some elements of fantasy

Nora's favorite book this month was Halloween. It was an excellent history of Halloween, and though she liked it, I think its a better book for children in the second plane. She mostly enjoyed the funny selection of Halloween poems in the back of the book. This series in general seems like a great set of holiday books, too bad they are out of print (and therefore expensive to buy.) 

Henry's favorite this month has been Alice Through the Looking Glass. As he gets older we are introducing literary classics and longer chapter books. I will admit this is the first time I'm actually reading this book too. It's good, but kinda crazy too, and not always the easiest to follow. I feel like I could have waited another year to read this. 

I didn't really have a clear favorite this month, Fort Building Time is a gorgeous choice. Most People was also very good, although I modified some of the language in some parts. Another really good one was Under the Snow! 

What have you been reading this month? 

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