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November 18, 2017

An Unexpected Treasure Basket -- Montessori Baby Week 50

I have talked about using treasure baskets many times with Montessori babies. A small basket with a variety of interesting things is a great way to allow your baby to explore a variety of objects, textures, sounds, and other sensory experiences.

An unexpected treasure basket makes for an exciting Montessori baby toy!

We have done lots of treasure baskets with Gus. Most I just pick a few object I think he would like to explore and stick the basket on his shelf. But, this week’s surprised me! And reminded me that Montessori doesn’t have to be nearly as complicated as it can look/feel.

This week, I bought a small set of perler bead templates from IKEA for the older kids. At some point, Gus got a hold of them and was hooked. They are just simple shapes with with a bit of texture. So I threw them in a basket, and put on a low shelf for Gus. And, he loves it! 

So, remember there is power in simplicity! There is amazement in the everyday. There is wonder everywhere. Baby toys don't need to be complicated, expensive, exotic or big. Be creative, look around, observe and follow your child's interests. And you might just be surprised where they lead you!

Has your baby ever discovered an unexpected toy? What sorts of treasure baskets have you created? 


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Christina @
Love this! My one year old recently found a little felt heart in an old wallet and started carrying it around everywhere. I got out some felt animals I'd been saving for when he was older and he loves them so much :)
Unknown said…
I've been thinking this same thing you just wrote about! My baby is also 50 weeks old. He had gone into the cupboard and found a metal lid to a jar. He has been crawling around the kitchen, pushing it across the tile floor, smiling. Also, his all time favorite object that hasn't gotten old for over a month is a fly swatter!