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September 07, 2017

What We're Reading -- August

We love reading! I can't say this enough! It's one of the things that we do a lot of throughout the whole day. And, a new supply of library books is always a big deal around here! We really do tend to keep them about a month. This is partly for convenience sake (it's hard to take 3 kids to the library!) and so that we have time to really enjoy each of the books. They really do read them over and over an over again. So, here's a look at what we're reading in August! 

Montessori friendly books for August! These books are on our library shelves for the month!

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*Denotes some elements of fantasy
~ Denotes baby (0-18m) book 
^ Denotes second plane (6+) book

There were so many good ones this month that it is hard to pick favorites! I think Nora's favorites were Jabari Jumps and A Beetle is Shy. Henry's favorites were Jabari Jumps and Lemonade in Winter. Gus seemed mildly entertained by Babies on the Go! but it wasn't his favorite. My personal favorite was Jabari Jumps! It's such a good book, good enough that I will make it part of our permanent collection. 

What books have been on your reading shelves lately? Any good ones I should check out!? 

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