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August 31, 2017

Our Play Farm Setup

Want to know what the most popular toy in our house is? It's our play farm! Hands down. There's not a day that goes by that someone doesn't play with the barn, the animals, or one of the accessories. And, I'm not just talking Nora here -- it's all the kids. They LOVE the farm.

Farm play for children. How we set up a farm play in our Montessori home.

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For them, it's the ultimate pretend play opportunity. It sparks so many scenarios. Each of our people have backstories, relationships, and history personalities. The animals have names, favorite foods, and families. To watch them play is amazing. And, I can't get enough. 

Our farm setup is really quite simple. First, we have the barn! The barn we got a few years ago on sale at Target. It's mostly wood, with a plastic base, fencing, and doors. It's a really great size, and very sturdy. 

When we stored it on the ground, it never got much play. But, one day {about a year and half ago} I moved it to it's own shelf and it has been a favorite ever since. The shelf is a thrift store find, but it's similar to an IKEA BESTA. It brings the barn up just high enough to stand to play, and keeps everything close and organized. 

Our farm animals are Schleich, as are most of our farm accessories. I have included a wide variety of animals as the kids show interest. Nora loves horses, so we have a bunch of those. Then, we have some food, fencing, some tools, and a few people. 

The little pieces are all in the basket with the button closure so that Gus cannot eat them. The larger animals are in an open basket that he can pull off the shelf and explore. The shelf also holds our farm play mat, and the chicken coop.  And, that's it! 

Do your children like to play farm? How to you set it up? 


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