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May 09, 2017

24 Montessori Friendly Books for Summer

It's hard to believe it but summer is right around the corner! But somehow it is. Henry only has about a month left of school, and we are busy trying to schedule some fun things to do and explore for the summer. All this summer planning, has me in the mood for sunny, warm, lazy days. 

Here are 24 Montessori friendly books for summer to get you in the summer-time mood too!

A collage of children's books celebrating and teaching about the summer season.

24 Perfect Books for Your Montessori Home this Summer 

This list has a little something for everyone! The books with the * are perfect for older children (5+ range) while the books with the + are lovely beginner books for toddlers. Then, there is everything in between! 

24 Montessori friendly books for summer. These great books can help children prepare for and enjoy summer!

2023 Update - these are just a taste of some of the lovely books available to celebrate summer. Find more summer choices and inspiration here

Who doesn't love to celebrate a new season!? Here are 24 Montessori friendly books celebrating summertime. From the joy of visiting family, to the bugs and water - these Montessori friendly titles are beautiful, realistic and full of joy for children of all ages.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Do you have any books you are reading to help you prepare? 

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Unknown said…
What a great set of ideas! We love some of the suggested books and will have to read the rest this summer!
Mama's Happy Hive
These books look lovely! I want to check out "The Longest Day" and "Fireflies."