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February 07, 2017

Montessori Child: 5 Favorites at 5-years-old

One of the major tenants of Montessori is that the prepared adult is following the child through their developmental path. While this means many different things in many different situation, when it comes to materials it means that children should be free to explore their own interests at home and at school through the use of developmentally appropriate materials. 

When children are young, it can be a maddening guessing game trying to figure out exactly what your kids are into and where their interests lie. Thankfully, that gets a bit easier as a child gets older and more verbal. Henry is rapidly creeping closer to 6-years-old. And, before his birthday, I wanted to record some of his interests and favorite things! 

5 Montessori Favorites According to My 5-Year-Old Montessori Child

A collage of five favorite toys, Montessori materials, and art supplies for 5 year olds.
So what are some favorites at 5-years-old? Here's what he had to say:

"What is your favorite art supply?" 

Montessori 5-year-old favorite art supply: Washi Tape

Henry does so much with washi tape! He uses it to make books, bigger sheets of paper, to take notes all over the house, or fix things that need fixing. It's one of those "used on a daily basis" things around here. And, this is one of those things that has constantly remained popular for years with my older and younger children

"What is your favorite book?"

Montessori 5-year-old favorite book: "The Magic Treehouse"

The Magic Treehouse series has been his favorite for about the past six months. We read the stories aloud each day and have been flying through them. As Henry starts to enter the second plane of development (at age 6), we have introduced more fantasy. This series has some fantastical elements while also providing a lot of real information. It's been a great introduction to chapter books for him.

"What is your favorite game?"

Montessori 5-year-old favorite game: "Outfoxed"

This is such a fun cooperative game! It's entertaining for Henry and for adults. It really makes him think and solve a problem in a fun way. This is another one that has remained super popular for many years for all of my children. 

"What is your favorite toy at home?"

Montessori 5-year-old favorite toy: "Lego"

Lego is king around here! It's an everyday material that I never rotate away. They are great for building fine motor skills, patience, and for stretching his creativity. And, as he has gotten older, they have been a great way to practice direction following, spatial awareness, and other executive functioning skills. 

"What is your favorite work at school?" {Traditional Montessori Work}

Montessori 5-year-old favorite Montessori Material: Montessori Puzzle Maps

Henry attends a public Montessori and has access to all the traditional Montessori materials there. Geography has been a favorite of his for a long time but we never had the traditional maps while homeschooling. Well, now that he's in school, he has fallen in love with these. Followed closely by the golden bead maths materials.

Montessori child favorites at 5-years-old

A child's interest are always growing and changing and it's been incredible following Henry's journey. I can't wait for all the changes and surprises that will come as he now enters the second plane. There are so many discoveries ahead!

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What is your 5-year-old interested in and do any of these favorites make your list? Do you find it easier to follow a child as they get older?

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