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January 02, 2017

9 Storage Solutions for Montessori Homes

This time of year, I feel like my house is exploding with new things. After the holidays, it always seems like a good time for a purge and a reorganization. In our home, ideally things should be organized, accessible and beautiful. This can feel like a tall order. Often this means having materials organized on a tray. 

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But, a tray is not always ideal for every type of material. Open ended materials, for example, like magnatiles, small blocks, or art supplies, can be better served in other storage containers. Baskets are also great for clothing or storing materials that are not in the current rotation. Here are some storage solutions for those types of materials: 

1. Metal Storage Basket

2. Mixed Size Rope Baskets -- These are my favorites for small materials.

3. Large Vintage Baskets -- You can find these online or in thrift shops. I love the lid on this one.

4. Small Colorful Rope Baskets

5. Acrylic Storage Box -- I love the look of these for showcasing art supplies.

6. Linen Storage Basket

7. Fair Trade Basket

8. Make Your Own Basket -- what a fun and functional project for kids!

9. Large Storage Basket

When looking for storage solutions, I still try to stick to natural materials. I also want things that are going to be light weight enough for the children to use. Many of these types of storage solutions can be found locally at thrift and craft stores as well! 

There are so many great options for beautifully storing materials in a Montessori home! How do you store your materials? Which do materials do you feel are better served on tray? Which need alternative storage solutions? 

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Dd said…
Beautiful picks!

On a related note, how to do you encourage gifts from relatives and friends to be Montessori style instead of plastic with lots of sound effects, etc.?

We're five months away from starting our Montessori journey with our first child.