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A Weekend at Labor and Delivery

Despite the fact that I have done a great job avoiding the fact that I'm starting to get heavily pregnant here on the blog, the reality is that I'm starting to get pretty darn pregnant. 34 weeks, 2 days to be exact. I'm not sure how I've gone most of this pregnancy without updating, but what can I say? Baby 3. 

Baby K 3.0 is officially a boy, Augustus Frederick! It's been a fairly uneventful pregnancy so far and I've pushed all baby preparations to the very last second. And, let's not even pretend that I've taken a real bump shot. Oops.

Well, Gus -- as we mainly call him -- decided to make himself known this weekend. Saturday, at exactly 34 weeks, I woke up with some strong but sporadic contractions. By noon, they were coming every 5 minutes or so and by 3:30 I was on my way to Labor and Delivery. Some of you may remember we had a similar scare when I was pregnant with Nora, and it turned out to just be some consistent nuisance contractions. I was pretty sure Saturday was more of the same with that. 

Long story, short, I was admitted to L&D with contractions every 3 to 5 minutes. A cervical check found that I was already 1.5 cm dilated. At this point, in the pregnancy the doctors would not stop the contractions but basically it just became a waiting game to see if my cervix would keep dilating or if the contractions would stop on their own. After a couple hours of monitoring, it became clear that my cervix wasn't rapidly changing so I was sent home. 

But, not before getting a steroid shot to start to mature Gus' lungs in case he really does decide to make his appearance this early. And, I got to go back for another {pretty terribly painful} shot on Sunday. All in all, I got 11 straight hours of contractions at 3 to 5 min apart before they finally tapered off. 

So, now we wait. I've had contractions on and off since Saturday but nothing as consistent. I guess this means I should probably do something to prepare for a baby, which will be interesting as I'm on orders to "take it easy" for the next couple weeks. 


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