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March 02, 2016

Shamrock Counting Game

All of a sudden, Henry is super into all things math! It's been an exciting change for both of us from the years of geography obsession. He also loves dice games. I wanted to combine these two interests into a simple, easy to play game for him. Plus, with Saint Patrick's Day coming up, making it themed was a fun choice! 

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This simple game is easy to make! And has been a fun addition to our math shelves. I simply put 6 plastic shamrocks into a small bowl and included a die on a plastic tray. Henry then simply shakes and rolls the dice and then counts how many shamrocks he needs to lay out. 

By counting each dot, Henry quickly began to recognize the pattern of the dice that corresponded with each number. Adding another dice has increased the challenge after initial use and extended the life of the game! 

Do you have any simple Montessori inspired math games that you play? 

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