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February 11, 2016

30+ Awesome Montessori Friendly Magnet Toys

I'm always looking for fun and engaging Montessori friendly toys for my children. Finding the right materials for an environment can be a challenge and there's something fun about that! These 30+ Awesome Montessori friendly magnet toys fit the bill.  

With Henry's 5th birthday right around the corner, I was surprised to find so many excellent ways to explore magnets! While some of these would be perfect for older kids, many even a younger toddler like Nora could enjoy! 

More than 30 awesome magnet toys. These Montessori friendly toys are perfect for children from babies through Kindergarten!
This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

Building Toys 

Magna-Tiles -- a hands down favorite in our house! 
Guidecraft Better Builders -- another popular choice with my kids, even toddlers can build with these. 

Tegu Blocks -- we have these, but I have to be honest, they are not well loved. They are not easy to build with and a bit limiting. But, many Montessori parents like that the magnets are safely tucked inside and that they are natural.

Patterns and Puzzles

Magnetic USA Map -- we have this one! Lovely and includes 50 pieces 
Vehicle Magnetic Pattern Puzzles -- high on my list for a toddler

Learning Tools

Janod Body Puzzle (complex) -- this one is good 4(+) but  Henry didn't really start to love it until much closer to 5. It's a lot of little pieces.
Body Puzzle -- more general puzzle for younger children.
Magnetic Solar System -- How fun do these look?
Transparent Magnetic Chips -- These would be so much fun on a light table 

More than 30 awesome magnet toys. These Montessori friendly toys are perfect for children from babies through Kindergarten!


Farm Animals -- I love the realistic images!
Color Coded Alphabet Magnets -- could be used as a movable alphabet! 
Fruits -- A favorite at our house, these are well made and wonderful images

The Other Stuff

Chalkboard Easel -- High on my wish list! So cute! 

I hope these ideas inspire some really fun magnetic play! These can be great language tools, science materials and just plain fun! 

Do your kids like magnets? Do you have any Montessori friendly magnetic toys that you would add to this list? 

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Anonymous said…
I second the tegu blocks issue. There are a few toys that we've tried out that mom was excited about but didn't appeal to the kids. And then there were the ones that looked just okay but kids really loved. It seems like a lot of the toy preferences/de-preferences are universal (just based on reviews by parents). Interesting.
Savannah Bonanno
Thanks for sharing this informative post. Magnetic toys is very useful for baby because it helps baby's mental development.