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July 26, 2015

...And Get Out of the Way

"and get out of the way"

"The best we can do for our children is to prepare a beautiful environment, provide the best materials, and get out of the way." - Susan's Mayclkn Stephenson, The Joyful Child. 

The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three has so much amazing wisdom to share about babies and toddlers. As I was reading, I came across this great reminder to step back and let children be. 

They don't need our constant direction, entertainment or input. And, they are capable of so much more then we think. But, this is so much harder then it sounds, at least for me! 

It's hard to watch them struggle sometimes, to fall down, to make mistakes. But, it's so important. 

So, when I feel like intervening, I'll be here quietly repeating, "and get out of the way, and get out of the way."

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Meghan said…
Love this. It's so true -- glad to add "and get out of the way" to my arsenal.
Audrey said…
This photo of Nora honestly could be my wee Evie - same hair colour and posture! I find the 'get out of the way' mantra so respectful of the child and the parent :)