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Montessori Baby Essentials -- Birth to 9 Months

When I first discovered Montessori, Henry was almost a year old. He was around 15-18 months before I really started to implement Montessori principals into our home. The change I saw in him was impressive and we have never looked back. However, I will always regret not having used Montessori with Henry from birth. 

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Montessori Baby Essentials birth to nine months

When we found out we were pregnant with Nora, I was so thrilled to be able to do things differently. And, I really feel like her babyhood has been amazing because of it. But, I understand how overwhelming Montessori from birth can seem. So, I wanted to share some of the essentials if you were considering Montessori from birth. 

  • Montessori Mobiles -- these you can make or you can buy -- we have a variety of visual and tactile mobiles that Nora has loved. 
  • Full Length Mirror -- ours is Minde Mirror from Ikea -- this should be hung low on the wall so even the youngest baby can use it. 
  • Woven Baskets -- ours are thrifted -- these baskets are lightweight and perfect for babies to pull from shelves

I wanted to mention that using Montessori from birth is not just about what you use, but also how you're parenting. It's about respecting the child as a individual from birth, about giving the child as much independence as possible within a safe prepared environment and providing an environment that doesn't just provide passive entertainment but enriching experiences. 

  • Weaning Glasses -- ours are POKAL from Ikea -- these tiny glasses are perfect for weaning and promoting independence 
  • Wooden Toys -- we have a variety for different age groups -- Haba Triangles, Ring Stacker, wooden rattle
  • Floor Mat -- we use a portable crib mattress -- either as a floor bed or an activity area, these mats get a lot of use

All of these things have helped us parent, but I'm sure there are other alternatives. There are also other products that I have loved and would gladly use again. But these are really the most essential for the first few months. I'm also noticing that as Nora gets older, and more mobile this list is rapidly changing.  

  • Weaning Chair -- we use one we already had -- perfect for introducing food or for a dressing area
  • Radio Flyer Walker Wagon -- this is so stable and perfect for early movement, I've never been worried that it will flip 
  • Low Shelving -- we have Besta Shelving from Ikea -- perfect height for babies and just enough space that its not overwhelming

What products have you found work best for your family? Are there others you would include? 


Lauren H. said…
This list is great. We didn't really start Montessori with Matilda until she was about 8 months old, but we quickly got up to speed. She was past the mobile phase, so we skipped that, and we haven't gotten her a walker yet, but we do have everything else on your list. The only other thing I can think of is low hung art for them to enjoy. Matilda loves her board books and musical instruments (like egg shakers) as well.
madison said…
This list is great! I started learning the montessori style when my son was close to a year. At that time i made the box and ball toy can't think of the name using a wooden ball a tissue box and a shoe box lid for the base. He loved it. :) hes 18months now and im really trying to implement more Montessori, your blog has been so helpful. I did have a question when you were starting out did you focus on one task per afternoon or multiple? Right now my sons attention span is pretty short. Thank you so much.
Ashton Leonard said…
After the childbirth, it's time to collect different toys, baby products and other essentials. Especially when the baby is below 1 year, you need special care. I like your Montessori baby essential collections. These are really cool and kids will also like them. As per my concern, wooden toys are the best toys for babies. Yet, there are lots of baby toys available with different colors and materials. Once you got some hints about your baby's choice, it would be easier to purchase toys accordingly. Keep posting.
Unknown said…
What "difference" did you see in your son after introducing Montessori? In what ways did your perenting change? I'm a mom of a 5 month old & im considering using Montessori methods.
Casie Howe said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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