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December 12, 2014

Merry {Awkward} Christmas

What is it about cameras that make 3-year-olds crazy? Seriously? Have you tired photographing a 3-year-old lately? They either get so completely goofy that you can't get a decent picture, they completely forget how to smile, or are just downright awkward. 

Some classic 3-year-old "smiles" include 

The Buck Teeth

The Vacant Stare 

The "I'm-smiling-so-hard"

The Bored

The "Where-am-I-looking-now"

The "What?"

Then, every now and then the 3-year-old surprises you. The charm come out, the love shines through and you get the perfect Christmas card {from Tiny Prints}.

So, instead of "Merry Awkward Christmas" you get "Merry Everything Because I am Beyond Blessed!" 


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