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July 23, 2014

Story Telling

For awhile now, our bedtime routine with Henry has included telling him a story. Morgan and I just make them up and include people or things he likes. Unlike a book, Henry has to follow the story without the use of the pictures and can imagine the scene anyway he likes.

Recently, we've noticed that Henry has been dictating to us what should happen in these stories -- who the characters should be, what they are doing, etc.

So, we started asking him to tell us a bedtime story and here is my favorite so far --

"There once was a little girl named Nora Marjorie and a little boy named Henry Morgan. (In a low angry voice) Then, along came a big dinosaur that ate Nora and Henry! Ate them, ate them, ate them! Hahahaha!"

Seriously, this kid! 

Do you or your children enjoy storytelling? 

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