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April 18, 2014

Mid-Pregnancy Renovations

In mid-February Minnesota had wonderful {or so I thought} thaw. A couple of 40 degree days were the perfect reprise from an otherwise miserable winter. Henry and I went outside to enjoy the "warmth" and came back in to water pouring into our kitchen from the window that looks out to our sunroom. The window was a weird leftover exterior window from when the original homeowners put on the sunroom addition. 

The water lasted on and off for two days until the cold weather was back. Morgan did his best to clear the roof of the ice and snow and clean the damage. Unfortunately, when Morgan started doing some investigating it was clear that that spot on the roof had leaked for years. The drywall and insulation were completely ruined. Morgan cleaned up the damage, which left a huge hole in our kitchen. And a renovation at a really inconvenient time. 

Flash forward to mid-April -- renovations have included {or will when we are finally done} removing the window, filling in the hole, replacing the drywall/insulation, replacing the door to the sunroom, new light fixture in the kitchen, new paint for the kitchen and sunroom, and new trim for kitchen. 

The renovations have completely thrown off our baby preparations. We can't move our tot school classroom our of our nursery until they are complete -- since tot school is moving into the sunroom. It's been a major source of stress for me with no obvious end in sight. It will be great when we finally finish, but its just hard getting there.

So, that's where we are at. Anyone else dealing with unexpected renovations this year? 


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melissa said…
Oh, no! I definitely feel for you. Our unplanned renovations have been on a much smaller scale, but nonetheless stressful. A couple of weeks ago, we had water pouring into our classroom, and ended up having to tear out all of the carpet and much of the trim. Of course there was a lot of moving of shelves and such and an extensive clean-up, too. Not what I wanted to do at 8 months pregnant ; p
Lindsay said…
We did at the end of '13. We were having breakfast like usual when water started pouring out of one of our walls. A plumber found out that we had a slow leak in our walls since likely before we purchased and the entire interior had mold and water damage. We had to replace all of our walls and move into my parents house for a few weeks. It was awful. Ugh. I feel your pain!
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Oh! Being pregnant is already difficult, how much more if you have to clean a messed house carrying that big belly? I just can't imagine how hard it is. Nevertheless, I wish everything's being handled well now.