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April 15, 2014

Letter H Tot School

Letter H tot school was another one of those weeks where Henry just wasn't super interested in going up to school. I'm not sure why, sometimes the more I push, the more he resists, so I've been trying to take a step back. When he would work, he did seem to enjoy the trays. 

On the first tray was letter H hide-and-seek. I created a sheet with a bunch of letter H objects hidden among non-letter H things. Then I included a small bowl of hats. The goal was to cover the letter H objects with a hat. This was Henry's favorite tray for this week. He is very interested in knowing what letter an object starts with and he's getting really good at figuring it out. 

The second tray was a set of community helpers (from a Safari Ltd. Toob). Then, I made corresponding pictures of the helpers' hats. This was a good exercise in less direct matching and really good vocabulary for Henry. It led to lots of discussions about what type of work each helper does, in addition to what they wear.

The final tray was a repeat from the first time we did letter H. It was a set of pattern matching horse stamps. The goal was to find the stamp that matched the picture and follow the pattern. Some of the kids in co-op were able to figure out this tray, but Henry still struggled with it. 

Other things we did this week included: 

Geoboard: To make the letter H or other shapes and letters. This is always a favorite. 

Henry Spelling: Henry is getting really good at spelling his name, so this was on the easier side for him. But he needed to place the numbers in order, then match the letters to the numbers. 

Letter H sensory bin 

We also had a magnet board and the salt tray, but for some reason I didn't get any pictures of those this week! 


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Amy @ No Greater Honors
I love the little hats! Where did you find them? You always have such creative ideas for his trays :)
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
Thank you! The little hats I found at Goodwill, but I think I've seen them at craft stores.
Lisa @ Our Country Road
Both hat trays are awesome! Great ideas!! Yes, I've seen the hats at Hobby Lobby.
Lindsay said…
I am so jealous of everything you find at your Goodwill! Ours seriously has nothing but clothes and furniture! :(

I love the helper tray!
Vanessa Thiel
Vanessa Thiel said…
I love how you put this letter lesson together! I especially love the community helpers and the hat printables. How do I find these fun hat printables? Did you make them? :)