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April 27, 2014

32 Weeks

Another month down. Yay, but yikes. We are nowhere near ready for this baby to come home, and I think our recent labor and delivery scare has made this very apparent for everyone. But, we're trying and we'll get there. 

This month I've just been tired and slow. I have the constant "baby sitting on my lungs" out of breath feeling. My heartburn is bad, and I need to start taking iron. Sleeping is getting harder, I'm more uncomfortable and I'm wide awake super early every morning. But, really I feel pretty good. It's just hard explaining to Henry why I can't run around all the time and need to take breaks and rest. 

I've started to notice some weakness in my hands. I think I have a firm grip but then whatever I'm holding is on the floor. I've obviously been having some Braxton Hicks/contractions, they started a long time ago, but since our scare have been a lot stronger and more painful. My doctor checked my cervix again at my follow up appointment and thankfully, I'm still not dilated. I just need to stay hydrated and not over-do-it. 

The good news with going to labor and delivery is that we got a really long look at Nora. The nurse said her heart rate (in the 150's) was amazing and that she was seeing patterns that they wouldn't expect until 33+ weeks. So, she's advanced already - haha. Nora is the hiccup queen and constantly has them. She had them while we were being monitored which was funny to hear. She is also still moving like crazy, she really knows how to punch me right where it hurts. 

However, my doctor did say she is measuring on the small side. My belly is measuring a full week behind and the doctor just said she feels small. I've only gained 12 pounds so far this pregnancy so I'm not totally shocked. But, the OB did say things could change as I get closer to delivery, but not to expect an 8 pound baby -- which is fine by me! 

Hopefully, we will avoid any more trips to L&D and will finally have a nursery by the time my next update comes.


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Lindsay said…
I basically lived in L&D and the perinatologist with Ethan -- so I get it, it's so scary. It's hard to ever feel at ease! The long ultrasounds are an added perk, though. You look great! And be thankful -- much like her big brother, this baby is already in the 90th percentiles. Grumble.