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March 13, 2014

Life Lately

Ever have those times where life seems to be moving at the speed of life and you are powerless to stop it? For me, that's what the last month has felt like. 

With cold after cold, I've had virtually no energy to do even the simplest things. Things seem almost out of my control. Add in a death in the family, a ice damn leak that ruined a wall in our kitchen, planning a subsequent kitchen renovation/repair, a bout with the stomach flu, a birthday party to plan, and horribly cold weather and I am all sorts of unmotivated. Things seem to be spinning wildly out of control and I'm lucky keep it all under control. 

Thankfully, Henry has been making life easy. He's honestly {knocks on all the wood so it stays that way} in such a great phase right now. He's hilarious and so loveable. For example, yesterday Morgan and I were finishing up dinner in the kitchen together and Henry walks in with outstretched arms and says "Can I get a hug, people!" We about died, I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff. But physically, he's just easier lately. He's got potty training down and rarely has an accident. He's sleeping alright -- but at least not fighting sleep like he used to. And just overall becoming a lot more independent.

Morgan and I seem to be really really good at ignoring the birth of our second child. I'm only half joking when I say to people "good thing the hospital will give us a pack of diapers, because that is all we'll have for her." But, to be fair, we are a little distracted with the giant hole in our kitchen wall and Hen's birthday party. Planning for repairs in the kitchen are slowly coming together, and we will hopefully know a lot more after this weekend. In the end, we were wanting to renovate that area anyway, but the timing is just not great. 

Signs of spring are popping up and with the change in the weather I'm hoping for a little more energy and a lot of slow down. This may not happen, but life just seems easier when its not -25 degrees.

Anyone else feeling like life could use a slow down? What's everyone been up to lately?


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Maureen S.
Maureen S. said…
I agree :) On my drive to work this morning I was thinking, I feel so much more optimistic and positive when the sun is shining and the weather is above 40 degrees! I'm wondering if I would feel the same way every spring if I lived in a tropical climate...Trying to convince myself there's a positive reason for enduring the frigid cold weather of MN! Lol.