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December 09, 2013

12 Weeks

According to the calendar, I'm somehow already 12 weeks {12w2d actually!} pregnant. This fact is continuously blowing my mind {as is the fact that I've barely blogged in weeks}. 

I've been so sick. Morning sickness for me, seems to mean nausea all the time, no matter what I do. This pregnancy, I've barely had cravings and I've had to force myself to eat anything. If I do crave something, a lot of the time it came right back out. So, I've been on zofran around the clock, which really helps, but doesn't seem to completely take away the misery. And, it didn't help that all three of us also came down with a head cold, that added its snotty-gross awfulness to the mix.

Thankfully, the last few days life has been better. I'm having more nausea free {although still on the meds} days. I've been able to skip a few doses of the medicine and I hope the good days will start out numbering the bad soon. And, there's very little hiding of the bump these days.

My energy level is slowly coming up too. On Friday, I took my last progesterone!! The progesterone is not easy to take, it made me so exhausted. It gave me super weird dreams that made it hard to sleep. And just generally made me feel gross. I'm very happy to be done with it. 

But, I'm most happy to report that Baby K 2.0 looks amazing and perfect. We had another ultrasound last Thursday, as many of you probably saw on Facebook. This was our 1st trimester genetic testing, and the baby looked great. The blood work was all perfectly normal and the sac on the back of the babies neck was measuring at a 1.2 {anything under 3 is normal}. The baby's heartbeat was 160, and he/she was measuring perfectly at 11 weeks 5 days. 


The baby reminded me a lot of Henry. He/she was really wild and moving all over. Hands and legs were all over the place. It was stretching back and jumping up. It was amazing. I'm still in awe that there can be so much movement inside me and I have no idea. Morgan and I feel like we can finally get excited about this pregnancy.

Update for baby book purposes: 12 week OB appointment was great! We heard Baby K 2.0's heartbeat, it was 156 and everything looked great. 

Other than the baby news, life has been pretty calm. We've still been tot school and co-op, but just haven't had the energy to blog about it. I will hopefully get some updates out soon!


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Sarah said…
Congratulations, lady!! So excited for you!
Azielle said…
I'm so happy for you! I've been checking in hoping to find good news and here they finally are. Fingers crossed you keep feeling better and that you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.
Anonymous said…
Oh my, I'm so crazy excited for you. That is a beautiful baby. From a bumpie :)
Michele Chronister
You look lovely! I am so, so happy for you and your family. I've been following your blog long enough to have seen some of your ups and downs and I am just so happy for you that your family is finally getting to experience some joy! What hope you bring to all of us. Also...head cold and morning sickness is an absolutely awful combo, so my heart totally goes out to you. You and your little one will be in my prayers. Please keep us updated!
Anonymous said…
Hope your good days continue to outweigh the bad!
I can understand being able to finally enjoy the pregnancy and get excited. I'm glad my gender ultrasound was early at 18 weeks because it was after that I could really relax!
Glad your colds are over - that on top of being pregnant should not be allowed! :)
erica @ to the sea
Boo for morning sickness! Yeay for a healthy baby!
Unknown said…
I guess I need to lurk a little more on your blog, because I'm just now finding out that you're pregnant! Congrats, lady!! I'm so freaking excited for you :)
MommaM said…
I just heard #2 was on the way! I'm SO excited for you!!! Congratulations, Momma!!! :-D