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September 26, 2013

A Nature Walk in the City

Since Henry doesn't nap anymore {or at least doesn't nap most days} we are constantly looking for things to fill our long afternoons. Summer made it easy, there was the pool, park, chalk, and just being outside. Well, this short summer is fading quickly and temps are only reaching the mid-70's at best.

But with the cooler temperatures, also comes beauty all around us. While we live in the middle of the city, we still have beautiful signs of fall. I was determined for Henry to discover this beauty.

We actually found the most amazing rainbow of things. It was perfect. And a perfect example of a rainbow for letter R week.

Once we collected our nature rainbow, we took it inside to journal what we saw. Using some paper and some color pencils, we each recorded what we found. 

This simple Montessori inspired activity was perfect for discovering the world around us and all the beauty the city has to hold.


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Chelley N
Chelley N said…
I love this idea . . . going to do it with my kiddos soon!
Sarah said…
So much fun! Love it!
Amy @ No Greater Honors
oh, that would be fun to make a nature journal! I know I've seen it before, but your collection looks so lovely! :)