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August 05, 2013

Tot School Letter O Part 1

Henry is almost 29 months old.

Finally {after a BlogHer '13 related break} we were back to tot school this week. We had fun a bunch of letter  O activities. Prior to this week, Henry could identify and say the letter O. I kind of thought this week's tot school would be a little bigger of a hit than it was, but Henry was a little needy and reluctant to do much on his own after the long weekend away from me, and therefore I have almost zero pictures of Henry in action this week. 

On our first tray was a set of glass owl containers that I found at a garage sale. Each owl opens to reveal a small cup. So, I filled one owl with orange pom-poms and gave Henry an orange tweezer. The idea was for Henry to transfer the pom-poms from one owl cup to the other. 

toddler, tot school, transferring, letter O

Henry enjoyed this activity but really only wanted to open and close the owl tops. He did occasionally transferring the pom-poms with his hands which was fun too. 

The second tray was a set of ocean themed Montessori 3-part cards that I made. Henry has been obsessed lately with words, so instead of including all the cards, which overwhelms Henry, I only included the picture cards and the word cards. I also included some Safari Ltd. ocean themed toobs to match with the cards.

ocean toobs, 3-part cards, letter o, tot school

This was by far Henry's favorite activity. He loved asking me to read the words and matching those to the picture. He was obsessed with the sea turtle in particular. By the end of the week he had even started matching some of the words without me telling him what they said. 

The final tray was an ocean themed picture that I pieced together. In the scene, I included a bunch of uppercase and lowercase Os. I also included a small container of glass beads. The idea was for Henry to match the glass beads to the letter Os. 

Henry seemed more interested in dumping the glass beads from their container and replacing them. But he did sort-of start putting them on their places in the picture. 

glass beads, montessori, tot school, ocean

Henry also spent a lot of time working with his ocean themed sensory bin. He REALLY enjoyed putting it together on his own. It also turned out to be an awesome way to talk about things in the ocean and other vocabulary words. It did end up being even more messy than a traditional sensory bin, but taking it outside solved that problem. It also gave Henry a chance to share his sensory bin with some of his neighbor friends. And, for the record, this bin was just as entertaining to a 6-year-old as it was for a 2-year-old, which was fun to see.

We will be working with letter O again this week, so I'll share our other activities in next week's update!

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Amy @ No Greater Honors
I love your owl containers! We had an ocean theme a few weeks ago, and my littlest guy was in love with the sea turtle, as well. Maybe it's a boy thing.
Jen @ the mama years
I love Safari Toobs too - such nice quality! Great ideas.
Kirstylee @ Moms Have Questions Too
I love that you included those ocean animals with the three part cards. That's a great way to really teach those words. :)
Heather said…
The the owl containers - and of course Henry was needy after you were gone! Lennox was too!!