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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Farmers' Market

There are so many reasons that I love living where I live. And there are so many reasons that I love summer. Sometimes those reasons combine into one absolutely glorious Saturday morning.

St. Paul's Farmers' Market.


Enough said.


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Ashley said...

There is nothing like a Saturday morning at the Farmers' Market. It makes me so happy. Your food pictures are lovely!

the naptown organizer said...

And now I'm hungry and thirsty and want to come visit you.

Jen @ the mama years said...

Gorgeous photos! Ours just opened up for summer and I plan to bring Henry there this week. I just love how fresh everything is (and how affordable most of it is too...). Looks like you all had a nice day out :)

chelsea beeswax said...

I love the picture of the guitar dude. great shot!