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June 05, 2013

June Play Shelves

Another month, more toys! I'm so excited to be co-hosting this month's link up with Jen at The Mama Years! I can always tell when the end of the month is coming by how little Henry wants to play in his playroom. And, I always love the quiet I get when the new toys are all out. 

Some of you may have noticed some repeats from month to month. I keep the things out that Henry plays with on a daily basis for the entire month. Usually, those are his musical instruments but sometimes other toys catch his interest too!

Here's what's on Hen's shelves this month: 

1. Trucks
2. 1 to 5 color matching rings
3. Little Tykes Xylophone
4. Cars {Movie} Themed Foam pieces
5. Melissa and  Doug Transportation Puzzle
6. Mr. Potato Head

7. *Assorted Musical Instruments
8. Stacking Cups
9. Mama and Baby Tiger
10. Wooden transportation signs puzzle
11. Melissa and Doug Shape Sequence Puzzle
12. Melissa and Doug Chunky Numbers puzzle

13. Bin of random plastic Sesame Street friends
14. *Sesame Street Farm
15. Basket of assorted horses {Hen's been super into horses lately}
16. *Sorting Bears with tongs
17. Stacker
18.*Elmo Shape Sorter
19. Fruit match up game from 1+1+1=1 

The links are not affiliate links -- just my favorite activities! The * ones are Hen's favorites!

What are your kids playing with this month? Join my co-host Jen at The Mama Years and share! You don't need to set them up exactly how I do, just share something your kids are playing with!

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kristykay123 said…
You are quite the little organizeista! (Yeah I made that word up.) :)
Jen @ the mama years
Love them! The fruit matching looks great - I am going to be doing a fruit/veggie tot school in the next few weeks and those look great!
Kaysha said…
Love how neat and organized it all is! I wish we had a place for shelves like that. Maybe when we move! :)