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May 20, 2013

I need Business Cards -- to the Rescue

63 days. 63 days! 63 days until I leave for Blogher13! 63! I feel like I have a hundred-and-a-half things I want to get done before I leave. One major thing on my list is getting nice business cards. While Blogher is partially about hanging out with my blogger friends and learning new tricks about the business, it is also  about networking and making connections with other bloggers and businesses so I can bring you guys the best content available. 

In order to make those connections, I have to have sweet business cards so people remember who I am. Here's where comes in!'s business card selection is amazing. I seriously could spend hours looking at all the choices. They do an incredible job at combining chic designs, color choices and options with really affordable prices.

Another one of my favorite features -- there is so much customization allowed. From fonts, to colors, sizes and arrangements, lets you pick them all.

For me, personally, I'm obsessed with several of the designs:

Ikat Design -- I love the pattern on the back and the simplicity of the front. I think its the perfect combination. And the yellow! LOVE.

Colorful Playtime -- First thing, its square!!! I love that its unique shape helps it stand out. I also cannot get over the colors. They work so well together and would coordinate with so many design styles.

Vintage Hollywood Ticket -- I love the info-graphics on this card.While the appointment section isn't really something I need, it could be perfect for so many businesses, or even play dates! 

Camera Card -- Vertical!! I've been craving a vertical card for a few months since I pinned one. This one makes me want to be a photographer, just to have this awesome card! 

Don't like any of the pre-made designs? {Impossible -- but we'll pretend} Well, allows you to up load your own image! So the card can be exactly what you need it to be! 

So, if you were me, what style would you choose? Check out's business cards and get back to me...I need all the help I can get! 

*I was compensated for this post by, however all opinions are my own.*

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