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April 19, 2013

Painting with Jacks

This week in tot school we are focusing on the letter J. So, I pulled out some jacks which Henry has loved since way back in the color tan week. He still loves to watch them spin around.

I figured we should make the spinning a little more interesting and came up with painting with jacks!

To do, place a large sheet of paper on the {washable} floor or table. Then, place little dabs of paint all over the paper.

To start painting, place one of the jacks in a dot of  paint and spin it. As the jacks fly around the paper, they make great little patterns. It was really fun, and very messy! Henry isn't able to spin the jacks on his own quite yet, but he had a lot of fun just rubbing the jacks through the paint. The more paint got on the jacks the more splatters it made and the cooler it looked! 

I love the way the final project turned out!

When Henry was done, I made sure to have another less messy painting activity ready for him while I cleaned up mopped the floors. That way, I could contain him and still keep him entertained! It was a great way to spend a {still snowy} morning.

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Lindsay said…
I love this! How fun! We did painting with bouncy balls for B week and it was a blast -- the jacks are probably even more fun because you can spin them! Totally stealing this idea when we get to J week! Henry's masterpiece looks gorgeous! :)
Nicolette said…
This looks so fun. I love the final product. We have done a few similar projects. My daughter really like when we used painter's tape to block off parts of the paper from the paint. She loved peeling the tape for some reason :)
Heather said…
Great idea! I completely forgot about jacks!
Rebecca English
Rebecca English said…
Oh what a fun idea! Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.