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February 26, 2013

Room Tour: Kids Bedrooms

Compared to our master bedroom, these two rooms are in their "natural" state. We haven't touched a thing in either of them since moving in. Although, that needs to change soon. 

Right now, Henry is in the "nursery" where we hope any future babies will move into. It's the smaller, warmer room. Plus the furniture was assembled inside the room, so to take it apart just to move it next door and assemble it again is a lot more work than I want to do. 

But, Henry won't be moving into the new room for a couple months and in the mean time we need to paint the smaller room. Right now, like much of the house, it is only primed. So, all the dirty, sticky, boogery, gross hand prints are not coming off the walls. The room is starting to look pretty disgusting. 

This leaves us with a dilemma. What do we paint the room? We obviously don't know when/if a new baby will ever move in there and what that baby's gender will be. So do we go stark white and repaint? Do we pick something gender neutral like green or yellow?  Or maybe a neutral with a little more punch, like gray, where we could decorate around it?

The other room will be Henry's "big boy room." The bedroom is completely over the garage, and right now is very cold. We have a project in the works to insulate the garage this summer to hopefully warm the room enough for a little kid. We will also be putting in new carpet and a nice insulating pad to try and keep it warm -- its really that cold right now. 

We are  just in the planning stages for this room. We know for sure that this room will be Montessori inspired with a floor bed, lots of low shelving, and art hung at Henry's level. We will also be doing a Montessori closet with a low bar and bins for his clothes, to give Henry maximum control. 

At this point, we are trying to figure out what bedding we would like for the room. We have narrowed it down to two choices, what do you think -- space or robots? 

To see more of my inspiration for Henry's Montessori room, check out my Montessori Home Pinterest Board

And what do you guys think, how should I paint that room? We are hoping to finish that project in a couple weeks and I'm really stuck, seriously. 

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CJ said…
I love the big block robots for the bedding!! And you could also try a neutral like navy for the nursery. Navy and pink can be done very well if you have a girl.
Sarah said…
I love the robots! I think that's so cute!
Anonymous said…
I like the space bedding the best. I think a navy ceiling with stars and white or gray walls with maybe a stripe of green would be fun. I would do green for the nursery. I love pink and green.
The Pajama Mama
The Pajama Mama said…
I love the robots! I think those are such fun colors to choose accessories and art around.
Anonymous said…
For Hen's room, I like the robots. The darker color would hide stains better ;) For baby's room, what about painting the bottom a darker color than the top and when you know baby's gender, you could put a band of that color in the middle. Jessie :)
Unknown said…
My vote goes to the Robots :) As far as paint for the room, I'm into simplifying/minimizing life, If you plan on switching rooms soon, Why paint? If it's going to be awhile than I say do an Ivory or light gray, both can be used for boys or girls when you bring in added color of accessories. Just my opinion though :) Good Luck!