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Holidays Traditions

I love the holidays, have I mentioned that yet? Seriously, there is something about a Christmas tree in the house that makes me perfectly happy in every way. Even on days my yard looks like this: 

On days like yesterday (we got over a foot of snow in 24 hours), when we are stuck in the house having the decorations really makes winter bearable.   With the decorations, come our holiday traditions. Morgan and I have really tried to make an effort to create some of our own holiday traditions together. But this is definitely easier said than done! I think we both naturally revert to our childhood traditions during the holidays, its sometimes hard to fit "our" traditions in. But, as Henry gets older and we travel less for the holidays, I think we will find our groove. 

We do have a few. One, sugar Coke! This one we started the first year we got married. When we decorate the tree, we have to drink one of these "real" Cokes. If you've never had a Coke made with real sugar (regular coke is made with high fructose corn syrup) run out and get one, they are AMAZE-BALLS. For real. 

A new tradition this year, is lighting our Advent Wreath (look carefully for a peak at our Christmas cards!) every Sunday leading up to Christmas. So far, Henry has loved the candles. Plus, I like to focus on the religious aspects of the season when I can. 

Of course we also have cookie baking, and shopping madness. Christmas Eve with Morgan's family. Christmas Day with mine. Opening stockings in bed. Passing a candle and sharing stories of our year. It really is awesome. Will someone please just tell Henry that?

What are your holiday traditions? How do you spend the season?

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I didn't know real coke existed? Wow!
It does! Its often called Mexican coke, since its shipped in from Mexico. Seriously, you have to try it.
Lindsay said…
I had so much to say and then saw the picture of Henry and the cuteness just turned my mind to mush and AHHH, cannot process the level of cute of Henry in his sweater!

ANYWAY -- my husband brought home the real/Mexico Coke from the grocery store last week and THEY. WERE. SO. GOOD.
Lindsay said…
Also, we went to the beach today in shorts and t-shirts and went in the water. It's 87 degrees outside. As much as I LOVE the beach year-round, I'm a little jealous of your SNOW!
Nicole said…
And I'm jealous of your heat! Thats a warm day in July here, so to have those temps in December would be kinda heavenly! I guess that's life!

And, yep, I cannot say enough good things about that coke!
I love the snow too! We've finally had a good dump of it this year (the last few have been pretty dismal) and it really feels like 'Christmas' to me since it's more like it was when I was a kid.
Unknown said…
I LOVE snow! I'm so jealous! I love Christmas and all the decorations! I'm so bummed that mine have to stay packed away for this season as we don't have enough space for anything! At least there will be tree upstairs, just not my stuff!

Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
We're struggling making any traditions so far. This year is a complete waste with Brett working out of town the next two weeks and as you know, 2 kids under 2. If we're all still alive by Christmas I'll be happy (hopefully). PS-I love the idea of opening Christmas stockings in bed, I might steal that.
The stockings in bed idea is super fun! We don't usually get much snow here until January, I think your snow looks magical and perfect for Christmas!
Loads of baking, we do ministry with our students at church (hubby is a pastor), we also have a lot of people over for dinners.

Love the Holidays!

Onna said…
I will have to try one of those cokes! I love all your traditions! Your advent wreath is beautiful and that last picture is just precious.
Jen + Jeff said…
I love the idea of opening stockings in bed!

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