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December 18, 2012

21 months old!

It's been three months since I've written a post like this, and I feel like nothing's changed and everything's changed all at the same time. Henry is getting so close to two, I can feel the mental breakdown coming! Birthday party themes are being discussed. When asked his age, an appropriate response is "almost 2." ::breathes into paper bag::

Henry is a ham. Total crowd pleaser in public. He's smiley and chatty to strangers. He wants to know everyone's name. He has no problem chatting with everyone, although I'm pretty much the only one that can understand him at this point.

At a recent doctor appointment, Henry was 22lbs 8oz, so of course he is still on the smaller size for his age. But, he did recently move to size 4 diaper!! He's still in 18m size shirts and 12m size pants. I doubt he'll outgrow either anytime soon. Especially since he's become a much more picky eater lately. Everything is suspect now. Food groups should not touch. Serve that with ketchup. His favorite foods are French fries, oranges, applesauce, scrambled eggs, and plain baked chicken.

Henry's favorite things to do are playing with the iPad, matchbox cars, dot paint, and stickers. He also loves our weekly activities with his friends including ECFE, yoga, and swimming. He talks non-stop about his "girlfriend" Charlotte and his BFF Eli. Henry also likes to "help" do chores and has started to help feed the dogs and put away his laundry.

We've also started to kinda-sorta potty train. So far, its going alright, but at this age, I'm just going with his interest instead of pushing him. He's also super interested in learning his letters and numbers so we will start those soon at tot school.

I cannot believe that the next time I write an update like this, Henry is going to be 2 years old. Someone hold me.

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kjw said…
Awww - he's turning into such a little boy! We're right behind you and I am already anxious about Andrew turning 2 as well.