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What a Difference?

Warning: This may be another irrational moment here. None of Henry's doctors are concerned about his growth. He's just small, and he's just going to be small. But, this one shocked me a little.
One year later. Wow. It does fit a little different, but still, it still fits. It fits really well now actually. My guess is, those pants may still fit next year. On principal, I'm still going to buy him new Christmas pjs. But, I kinda wish I had to. 

Anyone else have a toddler wear the same clothes for a year? Is your doctor concerned at all about slow growth?

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Julie Rogers said…
Totally know what you go through---both of my boys are not even on the charts for weight. My almost four year old still wears 2T pants:) They are healthy as can be, eat fairly well, and are just petite kids! I switched doctors when my oldest was around two (due to moving)---they were a bit concerned, ran a blood test, and gave it the all clear. Due to petite parents and lots of energy, they are just going to be small kids! I know the feeling, totally!

kristykay123 said…
I know nothing about babies/toddlers but he is sooo dang cute.
Kaysha said…
I'm sure he is just fine! Xander has some clothes from last year that still fit, partially because he really thinned out. As long as he is heathy and happy, I wouldn't worry too much!
kjw said…
I know it's hard to not worry, but since his doctor's aren't concerned it seems like he is doing just fine. Andrew still fits into some 12-18 month pants at 20 months, so he isn't huge, either. I try to look on the bright side - he gets more wear out of the clothes that I get him :)

I love his pj's by the way!
Thanks! I have a good feeling that you know all about babies really soon!
Thanks, everyone. I really try not to worry too much about it. But stuff like this bothers me. This is only a 12 month size pj, I'm just so seriously shocked it still fits.
Mama411 said…
Liam is small weight wise. He still fits in 18 month size pants (and could do 12 months I bet) and he's 2 1/2. It's the waist that is the problem from him because he's so thin. He's in 2T but they all have to be adjustable waist and they are all pulled as tight as they can go and are still somewhat big. He's barely on the charts so no concerns yet but when he gets sick he drops weight quickly so we have to pay attention then.
Anonymous said…
I know Henry is small but, I'm going to be honest with you here, he's one of the best kids I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with. He's intelligent, kind, thoughtful and hilarious. And you know what? That came from somewhere. You guys are awesome parents and yeah, I'm sure it's frustrating to have him be in the same clothes this year that he was in last year. But you guys are doing everything right and have a great kid, so what's the clothing size really matter, you know?
Anonymous said…
(And Eli is still wearing some 12 month pants and has been since last year.)
Thank you, Friend. You're so right!
Lindsay said…
Honestly, Ethan was always in the 85th percentile and up for height and weight. He was even in the 95th percentile for height a few times. Then it stopped. He was wearing a 2T at his first birthday party back in June and is in the same size now. Kids who were smaller than him before are now taller than him. I'd be lying if I didn't have an irrational freakout, especially because he's on daily corticosteroids for breathing and I had an unintentionally mean friend (who doesn't have kids) ask if they'd stunt his growth and he'd wind up itty-bitty. I'd also be lying if I didn't call the pediatrician more than once -- okay, more than twice -- to inquire about his...not growing. She assured me kids grow and stop and take off at all different times, and right now he's just plateaued plus, I mean, I'm only 5'0" some point, it has to balance out, right?

It's hard not to worry about things, but just look at sweet Henry! So healthy and beautiful with such loving, awesome parents! <3

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