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October 01, 2012

Triangle Tot School

Henry had another great week at tot school this week. Our shape was triangle and our new theme is fall. It was kind of a short week, since Henry and I are traveling right now. But it was still fun.
The activity wall was pretty much the same as it has been. This week on the magnet board, I had three foam strip magnets that Hen could use to make a triangle. The felt board had a bunch of different triangle shapes on it. Henry's getting  a little bored with the wall, so I have a big addition planned for the upcoming week.

The tot trays were pretty fun. The first tray was a shape sorter toy. Hen had never seen it before, so he had a blast with it. He had a hard time taking the top off which led to some frustration for Henry.

The second tray was a tree sheet I made with a bunch of shapes all around the tree {if you want the sheet, let me know and I'll share}. Then, I took fabric leaves I found and painted corresponding shapes on the leaves. Henry could then match the leaves to the trees. Henry liked this activity, but my painting was kind of difficult for him to figure out exactly what shape it was. But if I told Henry what shape was on the leaf then he would excitedly match them.

The third tray was a tracing sheet I made {again I'll share}. On one side was a leaf in a triangle and on the other side was a tree. The sheet asked Henry to help the leaf get to the tree. I laminated the sheet and gave Henry a bunch dry erase markers. Henry wasn't interested in tracing, but loved to color.

The book bin was empty this week, and we didn't get to any other projects. Since we left town early in the week, we are going to continue Triangle week when we get back and get to the other projects.

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Carisa said…
He is precious and I love what you are doing with him! Thanks for linking up with Tot School!