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Mystery Virus of Doom

Last Wednesday night, I was dead asleep when I heard it. That familiar gag, splat, scream routine. I knew pretty much right away that Henry had thrown up. The throwing up continued for a couple hours. I assumed it was reflux related and he would be better by the morning. Ha. Wrong.

The next day, well I'll say we he had some lower gastrointestinal issues, followed by more throwing up. The same issues continued Friday. But by Saturday we were starting to think we were in the clear. Over the weekend, Hen stayed pretty much the same. A little tired, and a little reluctant to eat -- but pretty normal. 

However, by Monday night, Hen started coughing. Not a ton, but just enough for us to realize that he was still not feeling great. I figured he was now getting a cold in addition to the stomach bug he was getting over. Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Henry was just grumpy and tired, stuffy and coughing. 

Then, after a nice long nap Wednesday the stomach issues started up again. He spent several hours throwing up that afternoon. Yesterday was more sleepiness, grumpiness and coughing. With a little more throwing up last night. Ugh.  

Today, I finally called the doctor. The nurse said Henry has the exact symptoms of a virus that is going around the Twin Cities. She said its been lasting a week plus, so we just have to wait for it to run its course. Boo. Hopefully, Henry will be feeling better soon and no one else will get it!

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Katie said…
Poor baby!! I really hope no one else gets it, because that sounds awful!
SAH Attorney said…
Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon!
Lindsay said…
Oh NO! Not Henry, too! We just got over an awful virus that is spreading like wildfire down here -- I've been afraid to leave the house with Ethan in fear he'll catch it again. Poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better soon and no one else catches it.
Heather said…
aw poor baby. the throwing up in the night is the worst! lets hope its almost over and he will be back to normal soon. he is still cute, even when he's sick ;-)

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