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October 10, 2012

Felt Button Tree

As some of you may know, our theme in tot school is fall this week. While browsing Pinterest for some good ideas I remembered a felt button tree that I had pinned awhile ago. It was perfect for this week, so I decided to make my own and share it with all of you.

You'll need: 

Brown, red, orange, and green felt, assorted buttons, thread and scissors.  

To Make: 
Draw a bare tree on a sheet of paper {or in my case make your husband do it}. Cut it out.

Tape the paper template to a brown sheet of felt. Cut out the felt. Remove the template and you should have one felt tree.

Lay the tree out and arrange the buttons all over the tree. Try to vary the buttons by size, shape, and color to   add interest and varying levels of difficulty. 

Sew the buttons into place. 

Take some additional colored felt and cut out leaf shapes. I used a template to make them, but if you're really good you could free hand it.

Then, fold the felt leaf in half, and use scissors to make a button hole slit.

And, that's it! See how Henry liked the felt button tree in this week's upcoming tot school update!

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Heather said…
This is so cute. As always, so jealous of all your projects. I wish I had more time at home to get these types of things done for my daughter :(
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers said…
SUPER cute---love it!

Christi said…
So glad I found your blog from Capri +3! I actually just started play school with my 24 month twins this week. :) I look forward to following your tot school posts (and using some of your great ideas)!
The Halbert Homestead
Sooo cute!! If only I had more time before this baby is due, I would totally do this project! You need to do a winter series so I can do that one later on ;)
Erika said…
Looks great! I need to get started on some fall crafts - before I know it Christmas will be here!
Holli said…
Visiting from Jellibean Journals. Just pinned this to my busy bags board. How cute! Happy to be a new follower!
Jelli said…
Genius idea! I can totally see myself making this for my daughter sometime soon. Tweeting now. Thanks so much for linking up your crafty creativity with me this week, Nicole.
Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories
I love this project, and I think my son will, too. I'm featuring you the Sunday Showcase this week. :)
Kirstylee said…
This is such an amazing idea. I think I'm going to turn this into one of the pages for my son's quiet book. He will love it! I found you through the Sunday Showcase and I am your newest follower.
schobert said…
I love this.. Do you have the patterns for the tree and the leaves. I want to make this for my granddaughter.
Unknown said…
Brilliant! This is such a great way to work on small motor skills. I just pinned it to share with my readers.
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
I don't, sorry I free handed it all.